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Numbers in Australia

Australian Sea Lions Project

Australian sea lion numbers are extremely low, with a total population of about 5,000 to 11,200.  Wild Australian sea lions are only found on the coasts of Western Australia and South Australia.
Sea lions are specially protected by Australian State and Federal government legislation. The Western Australian Wildlife Conservation Notice 2005 also specially protects sea lions.
Location of Sea Lions in Australia

The Impact of Humans on Sea Lions

Reasons for the Decline in Numbers
The main reason for the decline in numbers is sealing, which occured in the 19th century. Sealing was where seals and sea lions were hunted by humans for their skins.
Pollution is another reason for the declining numbers with broken netting and fishing lines left floating in the water, as well as oil spills in the seas and oceans.
Another reason for the low numbers is the long time it takes for pups to develop. Females have their first pup between the ages of 4 to 6 years. Males have to be 8-9 years old before they are fully mature. Because of this, the population growth is very slow.

by Natalie Clark