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Method of Moving Around

Australian Sea Lions Project

In Water
Sea Lions propel themselves through water using their front flippers with their back flippers used as a rudder.  They close their nostrils and ears when diving.

Sea Lion Swimming

Sea Lion on Beach

On Land
Unlike seals, sea lions can turn their back flippers to help them walk quickly.
Sea lions can run faster than a human on fairly smooth ground. Sometimes sea lions will trample a path through long grass between the ocean and their breeding ground. The path is used as an escape route into the ocean if anything threatening comes to the breeding grounds. Anyone walking along these paths would have to keep looking behind them in case a group of sea lions came running down the path.
Sea lions are extremely agile, able to leap over rocks and small cliffs, the shock is taken by the layers of fat and blubber on their belly and chest.

by Natalie Clark