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Sea Lions on Kangaroo Island

Australian Sea Lions Project

On Kangaroo Island, South Australia, there is an area called Seal Bay. This is where sea lions breed and moult. At Seal Bay, tourists can come to watch sea lions in their natural habitat.
Tours were started in 1954 by Don Dixon. He would drive tourists in his 7-seater car and then would lead them to the beach. Don made noises like a female sea lion to attract the pups so that they could be patted. Sometimes he and the tourists would swim with the sea lions. Don carried a stick with him in case aggressive animals attacked.
Things have changed since then. A visitor centre was built in 1996 and a car park with a path leading to the beach was also constructed. 
Tourists are prohibited from accessing certain areas of the beach as this is where sea lions breed.  

Don Dixon with Sea Lion

by Natalie Clark